Carpa Design Europe

Carpa Design Europe 

Carpa Design was founded in 2009 and with over 7 years’ experience we know how to breathe life into a brand’s story and make a product that is as innovative and unique as the brand itself.

We work with the biggest and best brands because we are passionate, creative and focus on the bigger commercial picture - giving customers products they are thrilled about, time and time again. With the brand and market in mind, we create products that are unique, distinct and exciting - ensuring each and every product is commercially successful from the very start.

Welcome to Sparco Corsa website. 

There you find the unique collection of car accessories designed by Carpa Design, especially for the Sparco brand.

Welcome to Sparco Kids.

If you are looking to buy quality and comfortable child car seats you have come to the right place. Sparco Kids is a unique collection based on the Sparco brand that is wholly devoted to child safety in the car. This includes a range of various child car seats and their necessary accessories.

Kodak in-car accessories

Chupa Chups…more than a lollipop

Since its launch in late fifties, Chupa Chups has conquered the taste, the mind and the heart of millions of consumers worldwide. It’s a genuine brand with a strong and cheeky personality and eye catching colours. The huge popularity of the brand and its strong identity inspire a Life Less Serious style applied to a wide variety of products.


In 1932 the Van Melle brothers took a train to Poland. This trip sparked the beginning of a Fresh New World. They had a vision of a peppermint flavored caramel candy to go by the name of Mentos. Mentos were manufactured in The Netherlands. By 1973 new varieties were introduced. In the US, Mentos lovers got to try cinnamon and menthol, while European addicts were presented with fruit flavored mints.

 Mentos is an exceptionally fresh chewy mint that comes in a great variety of exciting mint and fruit flavours. Its unique round shape combines taste, freshness and functionality.

 Refreshing people all over the world for over 80 years!

 Stay Fresh!

Pet Safe - your pet’s favourite way to travel!

Here at the Pet Safe team, we love our pets. So we decided to create the products we wanted and needed - in 2019 the Pet Safe range was launched with the sole aim to cover every need for your pet’s travel safety.

Durable materials, reliable and safe. Adhering to the highest industry standards possible, the extensive Pet Safe range includes various sized Seat Protector Matts, In-seat Harnesses, Headrest Barriers, Leashes, Carrier Cases, Carry Bags, Grooming Gear and other Travel

Accessories. We’ve got you covered.

 With absolute certainty, we can say your pet will love this new and improved range of reliable safety travel products.